Faction Selection
World of WordCraft, an epic text adventure of verbose proportions.

This game is a fan-fiction parody of World of Warcraft. Within you'll find Blizzard's world of Azeroth loosely translated (uh... very loosely) into the high tech world of text. Choose to join the mighty Alliance or the malevolent Horde. Either way you'll likely whine about how your class is ignored and how much Blizz needs to nerf whichever side you are not.

System Requirements: World of WordCraft uses the latest in font-rendering and box-drawing and can be very processor intensive. Please ensure you have at least a 486 processor and a minimum of 8MB RAM.
Your Status
Alive: Yes
Level: 1
Experience: 0/100
Health: 20/20
Cash: 0gp, 1sp, 0cp